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We are happy to announce The Lakes Pressery will be at the WindermereBoatShow

We are happy to announce The Lakes Pressery will be at the WindermereBoatShow

The Lakes Pressery

The Lakes Pressery will have a Stall at the Windermere Boat Show this year selling their best Cold Press Juices.

The Lakes Pressery is owned & run by two friends Valerie Edwards & Jane Harvey. They have spent over 30 years in the Catering & Hospitality industry & five of those years in the beautiful Lake District. Surrounded by rich foods, fine wines & more fish & chip shops than you can shake a stick at, there came the realisation that there was something missing in the Lakes. Their passion for juicing began in Brighton in the early 1990’s when they purchased their very first juicer for their cafe “Toast”
Now that people are increasingly more aware of what food they eat and the effects that this has on their bodies, they decided to establish Cumbria’s first & only COLD-PRESSED RAW JUICE company to help people lead a healthier lifestyle and thus ‘The Lakes Pressery’ was born in 2016.

Cool Down

All of our produce is thoroughly inspected, washed and chilled down to a cool 4 degrees C at least 24 hours before juicing begins.

Pulp Non Fiction

Our fruit & vegetables are put through a grinder which turns the produce to pulp. Peel, Skin, Pips…You name it, its in the grinder… Did you know? 90% of vitamins and nutrients are found just beneath the skin or peel of produce. By leaving everything intact before the grinding process it ensures the maximum vitamin and mineral content is being extracted.

Pressure Point

Our Hydraulic press uses 9 metric tonnes of pressure to slowly press juice from the pulp. No heat is used and therefor all the goodness is retained for you to enjoy!

Triple Filtered

All of our juice is then filtered 3 times to eliminate froth and pulp, giving it a cleaner, smoother more refined taste.

Bottled & Served

Once filtered, our juices are immediately bottled and sealed to minimise oxidation.

Find us at:
Unit 2 The Courtyard,
Rothay Road,

 Check out our website:
Tweets at: @lakespressery (

The Lake District's only boat show on the iconic Windermere Lake

FREE admission  •  New & Used Sail & Motor boats  •  Artisan food, Retail & Information stalls  •  Kayaking, Stand up Paddle Boarding, Sailing sessions & more  •  A fun family day out!

Supported by

South Lakeland District Council

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